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Banners-Posters and Backdrops - Deliver a strong message

Banners and posters, and trade-show banners, are a very strong form of communication. They catch the consumer’s eye with their appeal and generate interest in what they have to communicate to their audience. Quiet but extremely effective. Apart from making the area/environment more lively and attractive, they will continuously sell your message¬†even when you are on a coffee break. They will do so diligently, without any prompting or coaxing.

For banners and posters to be that effective, you need to have the right information presented graphically and thus will require someone who is capable of creating graphical representation of your message in an effective and clear manner.

The design of your banners, posters or backdrops is successful in drawing attention only if the design is created by an expert graphic design artist. All components presented should occupy the right percentage of area on the medium. The placement of these components should be complementary to each other. To draw attention, the color scheme should be brightly contrasting. Corporate colors should always be the guide to choosing the color scheme.

Backdrops, Banners-Posters Can Generate an Impressive Response From Your Audience


The technique of using subliminal messages dates back to as far as World War l. Today, corporations and advertising agencies are using subliminal messages all over the world to convey their message.

In 1957, a market researcher and psychologist had the words “Hungary? Eat popcorn. Drink Coca Cola” projected for 0.003 seconds every 5 seconds. That is extremely fast. Sales of popcorn and Coke in that New Jersey theater increased 57.8 percent and 18.1 percent respectively. Such is the power of visual presentation.

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Banners-Posters - Banner stands make you banner display more prominent

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