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Usually, business cards are the first step to your introduction. You approach someone to talk ‘business’ with them but first you present your business card to introduce who you are and possibly, at least partially, the purpose of your visit. First impressions count! With the right appeal, your business card will help in selling you to the potential customer. You can expect a positive response to your request. Your business card just got you to take the first step into the prospect’s business and much closer to his/her ear.

Design and graphics are a very strong form of communication. The design and layout of your business card should never be taken lightly. Take your time and make sure that it reflects the true image, the essence, of your business. It is part of your marketing strategy. It is part of you branding strategy. Business cards are a component of brand building and marketing your business.

Your Business Cards Are Your Ambassadors Even When You Are Not There!


Make sure its design, its graphics & layout is aligned with your business image. It should not be crowded with information. The design should display ample ‘white space’. And the if the design & layout is appealing, it will draw a second more thorough look.

And if there is information that you wish to have on your business card, then use the other side of the business card. For a very minuscule amount, you can have the backside of your business card display the salient points of your product/service. In fact we highly recommend the utilization of the space on the back side of a business card because you get a much greater value for a very small additional cost.

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