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Corporate Logo Design

Designing a corporate logo is an important step. After all, it is going to be the brand ambassador for your business. It should represent your corporate brand. It should be you corporate identity that generates instant customer recognition.

Logo design is a part of graphic design. And so, the process for arriving at the final product is somewhat similar to that of graphic design. Our graphic design team works closely with your marketing team so it understands the concept and values of your brand. It will also seek to understand your target market.

The assigned team then starts to put this information into a visual form. Tweaking it as they proceed until they are confident they have captured the essence of your corporate philosophy. Once the initial logo concept is finalized, we move into color theme selection.

Establishing your corporate logo colors

Establishing your corporate logo colors is a key element in this process. Your corporate logo represents your brand and the selected colors will play a major role in brand differentiation. Just as in graphic design, color theme selection for your corporate logo, plays a critical role in visual detail recognition. Color theme selected may also be influenced by your industry sector, or represent your (corporate) national pride.

Corporate Logo

This color mapping process is critical because of their long term implications and the role they play differentiating your business from you competitors.

We take this seriously. Please feel free for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.

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