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NCR Pads

NCR pads save you a number of hassles and headaches. You do not have to deal with messy carbon papers. You can have 2-part, 3-part, 4-part etc., pads to distribute a copy to all the pertinent individuals or departments. The last copy can remain in the pad and each pad, when it is all used up, can be saved away for the tax-man.

We can print them in black & white or in color, depending on your preferences. We can also have them numbered for you to help you keep a stricter track on the jobs you are handling. And, of course, we will design and complete the layout of the pad as per your requirements. These pads are a no-mess product and will certainly reduce headaches for your accountant.

NCR Pads Help Keep The Record Straight

These pads can be used for many purposes. We can design pads for various uses for you. To name a few:

  1. Creating job estimates for your clients
  2. Contracts for a job that will need your signature as well as your clients.
  3. Invoices
  4. Shipping manifest

NCR pads for invoicing, creating estimates, documenting project details for your clients, writtng contracts with sequentially numbered NCR’s, or with no numbers, in color or black and white. We specialize in designing them for several industry sectors including construction.

They help keep the record straight between all parties involved. Ask us for further details if your organization can benefit from switching over to using NCR pads.

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