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Search Engine Results are proof of whether a Search Engine Optimization strategy is working or not. Is it getting the desired results? What tweaking or changes need to be done to get the right search engine results in order to achieve your goals?

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is liberating. Knowledge arms you with understanding and confidence. That is what the data collected showing Search Engine Results does for you.

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Dynamic Web Design Calgary has all the tools required for your site’s performance analysis. We are able to provide very detail reports that include stats on:

  • Was it a direct entry to your website?
  • Was the visitor referred to your website via some other channel?
  • Are they new or repeat visitors?
  • How much time did your website visitors spend, on average, surfing your website?
  • Set various goals and analyse the success rate in achieving these goals.

These are only a very few report types listed. It takes time and concentrated efforts to tweak each goal set and adjust the SEO parameters to get you top search ratings. This is data that you can use to grow your business. Click-through data will also help you with customer relationship management.

Search Engine Results

Dynamic Web Design Calgary will help you systematically monitor customer experience that will allow you to take important steps to improve customer experience and your organizations bottom line. The website visitor’s perception can be measured through Customer Relations Management. The analysis of the ‘click-through’ data will help understand the relationship between your organization and your customers.

We cover search optimization for all the major search engine providers and give you detailed analytic reports from providers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, WebCrawler etc.

Search Engine Results

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