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Website Design

We are a Calgary based Internet company specializing in web design. Striking, appealing and interest grabbing web design. We create “Search Engine” friendly websites that are visually attractive, customer friendly & easy to navigate through, and are commercially productive. We approach our projects keeping two sides in mind.

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Website Design

We keep our focus on our clients to make certain we meet all their corporate goals and have the website aligned with their brand. Dynamic Web Design Calgary staff is highly trained and experienced professionals. Our expertise in programming languages includes HTML, PHP, ASP, .NET, ASP.NET, C++ , ActionScript 3, and CSS.

Your website must meet, at least, the following criteria:


  • Your business image and company brand
  • Website design to accommodate your business goal to be achieved
  • Whether the purpose in inwards for your staff or customer facing
  • Web design and structure to address the target audience
  • An attractive & appealing web design
  • A web design that is fluid and easy to use by your target market
  • High quality of the web site content

Website Design


Our web design professionals know how to make your website appealing and responsive. We also offer websites with content management systems (CMS) that will provide you with the option of managing your website. And you do not have to know any programming languages. This is also more economical for you. That’s how simple it is!

There is substantial, but crucial, amount of time spent in the web site design phase. Each web site we design and create has a unique creation based on your business and its business philosophy. It has to be consistent with your corporate branding.

Your company presence on the web is an important representation of your business and its values. The design and content has to be as unique as your business. It should be reflecting the appropriate ‘personality’ of your business, its employees as well as its customers. Like and other sales or marketing tool, your web site has to be able to attract new customers. Once they get to view the first page of your website, there has to be enough appeal and grip in the design, the graphics and, most importantly, content to make them look further into the website. Now you have their attention and you have a much greater chance of acquiring them as your customers. And all that is needed then is to retain them.

At Dynamic Web Design Calgary, we have a vast experience in design websites. Combined with our marketing expertise, we can generate a powerful home on the Internet.

Call us, or email us, for a no obligation and free consultation. This will help you understand how we can help you take your business to the next level.


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